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21 Jul 2017

McDonald's Extra Value Meal Food Puzzles, Tasty Puzzle Pieces!

Check out this promotional Value Meal Food Puzzle! This was a 3 pack puzzle set with French Fries, Big Mac & a Coca Cola Visit us online ...

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13 Jul 2017

World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

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25 Jul 2017

Insanely Hard Jigsaw Puzzle: The Krypt

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18 Jul 2017

Brain Games: Can you outsmart these puzzles?

Jason Silva, host of National Geographic's program "Brain Games," speaks to the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts about using experiments to challenge what we ...

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15 Jul 2017

Trapped ring puzzle/trick IMPOSSIBLE (not really)

Secret spoiler comments are now removed, and there is now a keyword filter. The comment that makes me laugh is the "did anyone else notice..." type. Yes ...

1 Jul 2017

Laser cutting a high piece count jigsaw puzzle

Laser cutting a 40x25 raster jiggsaw puzzle. This puzzle is 40x25cm big but can grow upto 120x60cm in 1 cut and unlimited size if we cut it out of more plates.

2 Jul 2017

How to Create Jigsaw Puzzles in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Publisher : Tech Niche

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7 Jul 2017

My Top 10 Favourite Puzzles

Hey guys, today I show you my top 10 favourite cubes or puzzles. I've been meaning to upload this video for quite some time but haven't got round to it due to ...

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21 Jul 2017

#10 - Jigsaw puzzle time-lapse (1500 pieces, Zodiac)

This 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle took us 13 hours to complete (which was a day and a bit). The image is a painting by Helen Michaels called "Zodiac"; it contains ...

19 Jul 2017

Easy Way To Glue A Jigsaw Puzzle

Easy technique I use to glue assembled jigsaw puzzles.

17 Jul 2017

Jigsaw Puzzle Tips and Tricks: From Unboxing to Glueing Up

How I do my jigsaw puzzles how to finish faster and stay organized Vibrant by Mega Puzzle..